Don't forget to visit our Free-Mo Layout at the show!

We featuring a huge 10,000 square foot Free-Mo Layout in an adjoining building.

This is the layout at the 2017 show.

What is Free-Mo?

Free-Mo is a standard (a set of rules) that allow HO scale model railroaders to bring modules together. With these, we can run trains just about anywhere. The standard dictates how the module meet up, how the wires and track hook up, and how the trains are run.

The Greater Toronto Train Show has had a major Free-Mo layout run by the Credit Valley Free-Mo club for a number of years. This year, we are opening up the setup to other Free-Mo operators.


All details are subject to change without notice, but for the moment:

Setup: TBD
Tear-down: TBD
The room will be open to show attendees for the duration of the show. We are expecting that there will be some time for additional running after hours.

Cost: This will be a 'pay to play' event, probably costing about $25 for the weekend. Exact cost to be determined once we have some firm numbers.


We are not too picky, but in order to ensure smooth operations:

  • Your module needs to be complete with regard to framework, track and wiring

  • It would be good if your module has already participated in another Free-Mo setup

  • The module must be fully compatible with the current standards as published on the website

  • Your module will need to pass a standards check before it is hooked up to other modules

  • We are a 100% NMRA club, so we would prefer that you are also an NMRA member, but if not, you can fill in a liability waiver

  • Decisions of the run-crew are final

To register, please provide us with the following information as appropriate:

- Your name, email address, cell phone number (optional)

- Your NMRA membership number (If you have one. Non-members will be required to sign a liability waiver)

- Number of modules, their names, and a drawing or description of your module (dimensions, number of tracks, etc)

- Approximate arrival time (Friday or Saturday morning - All modules must be on-site no later than 8AM Saturday)

- Desired setup duties (Electrical, Leveling, General Help)


Please respond to as soon as possible to indicate your desire to participate so that we can begin to design the layout. Cutoff is September 1. We intend to have a final layout plan in place by the middle of September.

Please feel free to share this with other folks you feel might be interested. If there are specific people you think should be included, please have them reach out to us. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The Setup For 2019 Will Be Posted Here Closer To The Show Date!